Jul 22

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Jul 19

Horsegirl68 posted

Hi to you all!
My daughter and I met you in Columbus at J. Liu for your amazing acoustic performance. We both blew off school to see you guys- it was amazing! My daughter thought it was the luckiest day of her life!
We are driving to see you in Cleveland on Friday the 25th. Is there any way to surprise my daughter with seeing you guys backstage? She is a huge fan!
Looking forward to a great show
Thanks for making great music
Chris from columbus

Jul 18

Dca commented on news post

Please come to Barcelona, my children (Marc and Marta) and I will apreciate a lot !!!!! Thanks

Jul 16

gaio posted

Please Please Please read this !!!! Hello The Fray I live in Germany. My girlfriend has birthday soon and i want to give her the best present ever . She is such a big fan of you, i would even say the biggest. So i wanted to ask you if you could sign an autograph on a t-shirt if i send it to you and if you could send it back with a birthday card and some birthday greetings written in it. I would appreciate this so much and it would be very special to her. Please write back as soon as possible

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