Sep 01

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Sep 01

kaatje7 posted

Hey can't wait to see you guys again! got something want u guys to see!

She lays awake day night, hoping and praying, crying with every tear drop her only wish is to have her true love standing there in flesh , touch his body and feel his lips against hers, closing her eyes she feels like a dream, when opening then he disappears and broken and torn into pieces she cries closing again trying to find him hoping he will appear again, seeing him holding her, touching her body, sweetly gently, kissing her softly and staring at her with love in his eyes she tries to hold on long as possible cherishing that moment never wanting it to leave. Her angel disapears again. Empty and broken she cries for him. hoping he will come back never wanting him to leave her just can stay forever in those heavenly arms , smelling his sweet heavenly breath and candy lips, irristable she just begs for him to stay. Knowing that this love is eternity never growing faint but growing stronger to where longer apart kills her , dying for his presences she prays hoping that moment hurrys to come again.

Aug 31

lilyjeminson posted

come to australia ayy

Aug 27

fanboy101 posted

go watch @MitchyCollins @dannibouchard aka @Ohhoneymusic video for Lonely Neighbor it needs 150k+ views …

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