A Day In The Life With The Fray

Watch the band pop in on The Marymount School of Manhattan's "School of Rock" class, surprising a classroom of wannabe rockers with a performance and bit of Q and A. That the students at the all-girls school were completely crazed by the band's visit is no surprise. However, their musical prowess might be a little unexpected. WATCH NOW!

Comments (4)

  • DannaCarina posted

    bless you guys <3

  • ShockingPink posted

    I'm such a big fan!! Thank you for all the stuff you're doing you really inspired me and I can't let a day go by without listening to your music!

  • thefighter6599 posted

    Please come to rocklin high school in rocklin california. You would earn yourself a highschool of devoted students

  • iwontbetaken posted

    Will you please come to Sunrise Mountain Highschool? We have so many musically talented students, and I love you guys! You should go to schools more often, its amazing what you do <3

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