She Is
Over My Head (Cable Car)
How To Save A Life
All At Once
Fall Away
Heaven Forbid
Look After You
Dead Wrong
Little House
Trust Me

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  • thefrayfan5 posted

    I heard you guys first on pandora and I instantly fell in love. This is my favorite album of all time. LONG LIVE THE FRAY :)

  • 杨益达 posted

    Of course this album is my favorite! I didn't hear about you guys until the beginning of 2011...what a pity and what a surprise! I was so attracted by how to save a life especially by the melody of the piano! Wish you guys could come to China!!! I love your voice. I love the soul of your songs. I love the feelings of the melody! Your songs make me think nothing and I'm so relaxed. Thank you guys really!!! 杨益达大爱 the Fray!!!haha~

  • daniela77 posted

    I got my start by listining to you guys on this album (I got half of it on my ipod.) Thankfully I got The Fray (album)! you guys are always there for me during tough times! I am 12.

  • meaggs1FrayFan posted

    thIS SONG HAS HELPED ME GET THROUGH LOSING my best friend bryson i am now obsessed with the fray thank you for always being there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i aLOVE ALL OF YOUR SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • purplepineapples97 posted


  • cheesyryan posted

    MY favorite band was Kutless until my sis let me borrow her fray CD and now yuo're my favorite band! I LOVE OVER MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • coachreesey posted

    My cousin had OVER MY HEAD video on his Facebook wall so I gave it a listen and you guys blew me away!!!!!! I have'nt left your web page since. Your music speaks to my soul. I will be purchasing every album you release!

  • mbritt posted

    I picked up this CD in the store when it first came out not knowing any of the songs. I listened to it and fell in love. Isaac has the most beautiful voice, so soulful. My favorite on this album is definitely "Heaven Forbid". This is one CD i can listen to over and over again.

  • rrita posted

    My brother died in a car accident a few years ago, but also struggled with his addiction to crack. He was just beginning to find the light of Jesus when he was taken from us.How to Save a Life gave me just the right way to express how I feel about him and how I tried to help him; but I couldn't save his life. Ultimately it was up to him to make the change--and he was--changing. My prayers for the light to begin to reflect off him as he got his life together were being answered. And then he was gone. Love you bro.

  • loveethefray posted

    this album is just simply beautiful.. what else can i say??

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