I am a huge fan from Monterrey, Mexico. Any upcoming performance here or Mexico at all?



My name is Michael A Calderon and I am a United States Navy Sailor. My recently separated wife and I are big fans of your music. She has been to the last two concerts and enjoyed them tremdonously. The first concert was while I was in boot camp and she was pregnant with my little boy. I am happy to say that he still listens to some of your music when he is going crazy or when we are on long car rides. The songs you have writen are heart warming and great to listen too. My favorites are "You found me", "Over my Head", "Heartbeat", and "love dont lie".

The reason I am writing you this email is ask for a favor in hopes that maybe you can help. Due to the stresses of the military life and not being able to spend the quality time I have always wanted to, it has taken a toll on our marriage. I miss my family dearly and miss my wife with all my heart. I am not a perfect man and I try to be the best that I can to my wife. I have made many mistakes not only as a man but as a husband in not loving her the way I should. This email is very difficult for me to write as I am asking for help from someone that does not know me. I know that if I can reach out to you and you can help this can show that i am willing to go great lengths to do anything for the girl of my dreams. I can not think of any other thing that could save this marriage but showing her that Love can get through anything and love will take you to great lengths to show it. I found the girl that truely completes me. What makes this even
more difficult is that I am deploying in January and this does not leave me much time to work on things. I know you may get a million emails about people wanting things and people just being crazy as you are a great band. But I am hoping that you can do the impossible and help a man who only wants the happiness and love you sing to all of us. Please if you are able to help it would not only mean the world to me but also my family. Thank you for reading this email and I look forward hearing from you soon.

Very Respectfully,

Michael A Calderon
321 213 3050

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