Hey Guys -

Just wanted to say thank you.
Round about the time your first album was coming out, I was in the middle of a really intense period of finding myself. I was mid-20s, freshly heartbroken and dealing with my demons head-on. Your music helped me greatly through that period and it seemed like it was always there with me. You played my church (Flatirons) and my friend Ricardo invited me to a screening of a video about you guys at the Mayan right after he had reviewed your album. You were very gracious :)

By 27, I was back on my feet and ready to follow my dream to move to London. I didn't really know anyone but I knew that was where I needed to go and, as I was heading from Heathrow to the hotel, 'How to Save a Life' came on the radio and I felt some of my anxiety about new country, new life, ebb away as I knew that home was always with me.

I've now been in London 7 years and have enjoyed checking in on you over the years. I'm glad you're enjoying success. Over this time, I've grown up a lot and really found my place in the world. Whenever home felt really far away, your music helped bring it back for me. When all the feelings pile on top of me, your music helps me work them out or when I feel my heart hardening, it softens with your songs.

Now, it's time for me to make my next leap of faith, to the bright lights of NYC. I'm heading for an amazing job with incredible people who are going to challenge and inspire me. It's hard leaving London but it means I'll be only 4 hours from Denver and my beautiful family so it's no sacrifice at all, at the end of the day. In a strange full circle, I'm coming to your gig on the 29th (next week) which is the night before my last day at work and just before I board that plane into the next chapter. It seems fitting, since I always have the best sense of rightness and wellbeing in your musical hands.

Thank you for creating music that has meant so very much to me over the years. I truly love all your songs though 'The Fighter' and 'Shadow & A Dancer' have always stayed with me most with their stunning, haunting stories.

Can't wait to see you!
Chelsea x


I am a huge fan from Monterrey, Mexico. Any upcoming performance here or Mexico at all?

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